Revered for the use of reverb-laden guitar work, creative synth structures, and dynamic vocals akin to the style of many shades of 80’s pop revenants, is Creux Lies.  This alternative/post-punk/new romantic-esq project hails from the secret efflorescent mecca known as Sacramento, California. Created out of the band formerly known as NMBRSTTN, singer Ean Clevenger, guitarist Barry Crider, synth/electronics David Wright, and bassist Kyle Vorst has focused their creative vision toward a new pathway of electro-drenched melancholy sonic stylings.  
    In late 2017, Creux Lies completed their first full-length, recorded at the creative fantasy-land known as Earthtone Studios. The album, tracked under the innovative care of producer/engineer extraordinaire Patrick Hills (King Woman, Tera Melos, So Stressed), was a cumulative leap forward in aural design.  This session afforded ancillary singles opportunities for 2018.  Their initial single and video, “Zone,” was released in January to fanfare and commotion; as well as being added to several of the most notable genre-relevant playlists and radio broadcasts throughout the world.  Notably highlighted on a Creux Lies favorite, Post-Punk.com following the release and acclaim surrounding “Zone’s” release.   
    Sharing stages with a roster of notable acts such as Clan of Xymox, Drab Majesty, Soft Kill, VOWWS, Wax Idols, Fearing, and others has spurred Creux Lies to reveal their own headlining performance antics, including dominant performances in step with a dramatic visual/light experience.  
    2018 will prove to be the most intoxicating moment yet, as Cruex Lies has penned a deal with the famed Cleopatra Records.  This new alliance will coalesce in the release of their first full-length titled, "The Hearth," this summer.  Touring and videos to arrive in coordination with the release, stay focused. 



Bass / Kyle Vorst

Guitar / Barry Crider

Voice / Ean Clevenger

Synthesizer / David Wright

Drums / Topher Snyder



ZONE  Official Video / Radio Edit

Creux Lies - Zone (album edit).jpg


by Creux Lies

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Creux Lies has finished up touring for 2018, stay tuned for a new run of shows in 2019!


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